Youth Innovation Challenge

Now in its second year, the Youth Innovation Challenge is an experiential learning opportunity for student teams, at both high-school and college levels, to advance modern solutions to today’s real-world problems and compete for scholarship and cash prizes.

Applications Opening Soon.

Join us on October 20 at 9:00a - 10:45a MT and watch the unveiling of the problem statements you can solve!

Deadline to submit videos is November 19 at 11:59p MT.
Winners will be announced on December 15.

The Innovation Challenge is a learning opportunity and contest for high school and college students to team up and propose solutions for real-world problems that face Idaho’s future. Student teams will learn strategic communication and apply entrepreneurial concepts by ideating to solve one challenge offered by local leaders from real organizations.

Step 1: Organize into groups of 2 or 3 members.
Step 2: View all of the problem videos on this webpage.
Step 3: Select a problem video your team would like to solve. Teams are only eligible to pick ONE problem video for consideration.
Step 4: Research and develop an understanding of the problem (estimate 3-5 hours).
Step 5: Brainstorm and whiteboard a solution.
Step 6: Develop a presentation that clearly articulates your research and solution. All team members must be included in the presentation to be eligible for prizes.
Step 7: Record a 8- to 12-minute video of your presentation.
Step 8: Submit your video using Google Forms, below.


College and High School students will be judged in separate categories and prizes will be awarded as follows:
(1) High School team will be awarded $3,000 per team for future scholarship to higher education.
(1) Winning high school will be awarded $1,000
(1) College team will receive a $3,000 cash prize.

Check back after October 20!

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