With, Selling Software Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

August 17, 2021

No matter how ingenious a new piece of enterprise software is, if the developer doesn’t know how to navigate cloud marketplaces, the types of organizations for which the software is designed may never even know it exists. And no customers mean no revenue. 


Boise Entrepreneur Week to go virtual for 2021

August 12, 2021

After careful consideration of the worsening COVID-19 statistics associated with the more communicable and serious Delta variant, and consultation with public health professionals, Boise Entrepreneur Week has made the difficult decision to go hybrid for 2021.


What it’s like to attend a Las Vegas convention – and how to save a buck in the process

August 11, 2021

LAS VEGAS – Many entrepreneurs dream of exhibiting at a big, splashy conference and coming home with millions in orders. But such conferences can be expensive. What’s it like to attend one of them and what are some ways to do so economically?


Treasure Valley creative ventures fuel individual, local business, community success

July 7, 2021

Imagine walking around downtown, looking around at the area’s infrastructure as cars pass by, when suddenly you notice a towering bank building with a picturesque river scene painted down many stories. That is just one instance of a recent public art installation in downtown Boise, which Andrew Strensaas describes as potential “subconscious fuel” for an […]


Amidst seed round, Retrolux co-founder Leif Elgethun shares advice about fundraising, investments, accelerator participation

June 24, 2021

Hoping to drive efficiency through energy audits and quotes for retrofitting and energy saving projects, local software and clean energy startup Retrolux is growing its partnerships and seeking seed funding to support its next steps. Retrolux, conceived in 2012, touts collaboration amongst stakeholders for improving the lighting industry by offering a simple, cloud-based, mobile and […]


ConvertKit expands into music, innovates email marketing technology

June 16, 2021

“It’s going to be big.” Email marketing platform ConvertKit is expanding into the music realm, and pioneering technology to feature original videos in digital newsletters. This April, ConvertKit acquired FanBridge, an email marketing platform utilized by thousands of musicians, growing the creator population of, primarily, bloggers and podcastors. Image provided by ConvertKit. Nathan Barry is […]


Fitted CEO announces new product launch, reflects on the startup’s journey

June 1, 2021

After about 11 years in athletic wear retail, Monte Keleher decided to fix a pain point the industry had been experiencing for years. Keleher also decided the Treasure Valley would be a good place to do that, for an ecosystem with a talent pool and good scalability. His expectations were beyond exceeded. “At the end […]


CEO foreshadows next chapter for VisitPay since R1 acquisition announcement

May 26, 2021

VisitPay CEO and co-founder Kent Ivanoff and his 11-year-old Boise-based startup were recently purchased for approximately $300 million, but Ivanoff doesn’t expect VisitPay’s innovation plans to change anytime soon, with the exception of possibly being sped up. The acquiring business, R1, is also a technology-driven solutions platform, which Ivanoff believes will better than complement VisitPay’s […]


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